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Building ARC7

The first step in building ARC7 is to find a team of leaders who will live in ARC7. These are the ones who will drive the project forward. We have to find people who would benefit the most and also who would help the project the most. Each team member has to have gifts, talents, skills, passion, knowledge, or experience that they bring to the team.


Joy Namatovu – caregiver

Joy Namatovu is the leader of her big family of 35 women and children who live together. She makes sure that everyone is fed and cared for. This is a BIG job. One of her children is recovering from malaria and another was born with HIV. She is our strong leader in Uganda. This family is already living the ARC7 vision of financial collaboration.

Uganda Team Timeline

5-21-21 – Joy called us by phone answering a nonprofit google ad about ARC7. She said she was looking for work as a house maid. Teré talked to her for a long time and asked her questions trying to figure out how ARC7 came up in a google job search. Teré always jumps to the conclusion that nothing happens by accident, so she understood that the universe had brought Joy to ARC7 for a reason. They became instant friends.



Teré began to send small amounts of money to help buy things like large amounts of corn flour, toothbrushes and tooth paste for everyone, and nets to prevent malaria.


Joan Balibaawo – tech guru

Joan is 18. She is Joy’s younger sister. She is the youngest one on our team. She is very good with technology. She has her own iPhone. She is the first in Uganda to begin the ARC7 onboarding process. We have to make sure she has enough data to continue her progress.

Team Building

Once Teré established a relationship with Joy’s big family, she reached out to leaders on LinkedIn who could verify Joy’s living situation. Teré made connections with Reagan Opio, Miiro Micheal, and Abdul Nassar Mukasa. Teré set up a group chat on WhatsApp to facilitate communication about the project and to introduce the members of the team to each other.

Uganda is in lockdown, so all communication must be done by phone, email, and text.


Reagan Opio – education

My name is Reagan Opio from Nakabira Compassionate Initiative at NCI we meet up the needs of young hearts minds , Bodies and voices . We strongly believe today’s child can become tomorrow’s visionary leader that is why we are passionate about the rights of all to equal Education .
Our goals is helping all children have access to high quality Education opportunities and we also promote young talents in sports


Miiro Michael – disabilities advocate

I am Miiro Michael, a member of BUDIVEA, we work to change the lives of girls and women with disabilities in rural communities



Miiro told us about a grant that we could apply for as a group. The grant has U.S. funds that could possibly help us build ARC7 for Joy’s family, and for all the members of the group. This grant has a focus on AIDS relief and prevention. One of Joy’s 66 kids was born with HIV. It is one of ARC7 objectives to protect children and families from the spread of HIV/AIDS and COVID-19.

The deadline for this grant application is July 31, 2021.


Abdul Nassar Mukasa – leader

Hello, I’m Director institute of Advanced Leadership-Uganda

Nassar introduced us to more local leaders; Ronnie Senyonga, Nixon Kisa, and Stephen Mulindwa. Nassar is also helping us locate land that could be granted to build ARC7.

June 26th – Ronald joined the group.


Ronald Senyonga – street kids

Senyonga Ronald is my name, I’m a Commissioner in charge of Street Scouts, Coordinating a Streetkids project under Uganda scouts association our goal is to rehabilitate, empowering Streetkids with vocational skills ending with reintegration back to their parents

Joined With Joy!

Ronnie and Nassar met with Joy to verify her situation and assess the needs of her big family. Ronnie is one of the few in Kampala who is allowed to move around the city. Ronnie and Nassar confirmed that Joy was truthful in all that she had described to Teré and the need was indeed great.

Teré identified that Joy has five important key factors that will provide a good foundation for ARC7 in Uganda.

1- she has strong values about child development and family unity

2 – she is educated and fully understands what her involvement in ARC7 means

3 – she has moral values that align with ARC7

4 – she has a great need for improved living conditions for her family

5 – she is an empowered woman who doesn’t hesitate to take the lead

7-1-21 – Nixon Kisa joined the group.


Nixon Kisa – education

I’m Nixon Wabwire, the director of People Concern Children’s Project (PCCP). PCCP was initiated with the purpose of giving disadvantaged children in Uganda basic education and skills development.

Nixon has agreed to allow PCCPs location to be used as our local ARC7 branch.

7-10-21 – Mulindwa Stephen joined the group.


Mulindwa Stephen – finance

Wawo. It feels very exciting to be a part of such a fabulous team of professionals…
My full Name is Mulindwa Stephen Jackson. I’m a Finance and Management Systems consultant/Auditor with vast experience in SMEs, NGOs and Microfinance best practices among others.

Stephen has agreed to help us prepare a budget for this and future grant proposals. He will also prepare the required financial reports for the grantors and the IRS on behalf of ARC7 when we receive the funds. Our Ugandan project is in good hands!

7-10-21 – Teré created the official Uganda Team page on

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