Veg 7 Co-op

Start a Food Co-op in your Local Area

7 Types of Food Businesses Form a Veg 7 Co-op

We are a food co-op that is committed to your success.  We envision a Veg 7 Co-op in every town.  We start by finding at least one person who is committed to each one of the businesses below to work together as a team.  Then we produce high-quality, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly products that give back to the community and the world.

Which choice below aligns closest to your food business passion and life purpose?

1: Sales and Marketing

If you are a Sales and Marketing Profession with a passion for healthy, responsibly-sourced food, get certified to start up a local branch of Veg  You will need to gather all of the people below to create the 7 Dimensions in your local area. We will train and equip your team with tools that will promote their practice through our website.

2: Natural Health Coaches

Love to help people feel better and more energized? Get our Gut Cleanse Certification to help your clients reach their health and weight goals. Coach people through the transition from junk foods to whole foods. Expand your coaching practice to include our very practical yet motivational program that will change your clients' diets forever!

3: Kitchen Organizers

If you are a Professional Organizer, get our Kitchen Clean Out Certification to help your customers clean out their kitchen of processed foods and set up a healthy kitchen.

4: Cooks / Chefs

If you are a Healthy Chef or Catering Service, take the online cooking certification from My Whole Foods Kitchen.  Share your cooking expertise in a whole new original way.  Deliver meals in your local area through Veg 7 We certify you, and you do the rest!

5: Seminar Presenters

If you have Professional Seminar experience, get our Food for Well-Being Certification to make presentations to local corporations through a series of informative and motivational Lunch and Learn ideas.

6: Non-Profit Co-op

Employ people with disabilities to give their lives meaning and purpose while getting paid enough to eliminate the need for government assistance programs. Get our Food for Well-Being Packaging Certification to start a business pre-measuring and packaging Food for Well-Being Vegetarian Meal Starters. With this business we have the unique opportunity to hire and train people with disabilities, because the packaging process requires entry level abilities.

7: Food Producers

Get certified to produce the foods we need for the Food for Well-Being packets. Produce fresh vegetables for delivery as well.  From home gardens to indoor vertical growing facilities, we can market and distribute your food products.

Get Certified Now!

Tip: Get trained and certified as a group.  Try to find one person to represent each of the 7 dimensions above. Let each member of your team do what they do best. One hosts a party, one cooks, one organizes, one markets, one teaches classes, one presents to corporations, one packages the Food for Well-Being Variety Box.  Earn income together as you change the world!