Veg 7 Delivery Packaging Options

Meals for the Week

For Health and Weight Loss

All of our meal starters are:

  • under 300 calories
  • high in fiber
  • low in cholesterol
  • low in sodium
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • flavorful and delicious

Fill your refrigerator with labeled meals that you can heat and serve in under 5 minutes. Start with a Food for Well-Being and build out from there.

When we say our meals are gluten-free and vegan you know they are!  When you start with a bucket of brown rice and bucket of pinto beans, add seasonings and simmer, you know that your Mexican Food is gluten-free, lactose-free, low-sodium, sugar-free, meat and dairy-free and absolutely no colors, MSG, preservatives or any other food additive that are causing so many diet-related illnesses. Can you get the same guarantee from any other meal delivery service? Can you get the same guarantee from any meal purchased at the grocery store?

We invite you to watch the making of your meals at least once just to know exactly what goes into your meals for the week delivery.  It's fun and will set your mind at ease.



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Mason Jar Option
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Meal Delivery is the Answer!

So many people are living a daily dilemma knowing that it is better for them and for their loved ones to eat whole foods that spring from the earth, but their just isn't time to shop fresh every day and cook from scratch every meal! If you are not a stay-at-home mom with a live-in nanny you might have to resort to drastic measures if you really want to put healthy meals on the table. Even if you hire a personal chef, he or she may not have the education to make vegan meals on a consistent basis.

Meat and Dairy

We leave the meat and dairy choices to you. We don't add any. If you enjoy meat and dairy with your meal we suggest that you think of our delivery as "meal starters" and you can then add your own meat and dairy as desired.  Meanwhile if you have anyone at your table who dairy sensitivities or have decided to be vegan, you've got them covered!

Start a Healthy Food Delivery Business - Work From Home

Would you like to cook and deliver home cooked meals in your local area?  Take our classes!  You will be prepared to cook for your own household as well as for others as a small home based business.  Change the world, one meal at a time!

Cottage Food Laws

  • A cottage food production operation is not a food service establishment and shall not be subject to any health or food code laws or regulations of the state or department other than this section and rules promulgated thereunder for a cottage food production operation.
  • (1) A local health department shall not regulate the production of food at a cottage food production operation.


Order now for next week!

We deliver enough food for the week every Sunday. Just click on one of the options below.  Then bring all of your loved ones around one table for a common meal again!  It can be done simply, easily and affordable with our plan by using whole food ingredients that avoid all of the food groups that special diets have to avoid, including meat, dairy, salt, sugar and gluten. Our Meals for the Week provide meal starters that work well for every special diet. We work around common themes that everyone in the family will love.

Meat-eaters, vegans, vegetarians, gluten free eaters and dieters all love these side dishes.  Using a rotating meal plan the hope is that the customer will want these side dishes auto-shipped each week, cooked or uncooked, and then build out the rest of their meal to suit their own preferences.  Cooked or uncooked, both products lines include the same 14 Meals for the Week and provide the same answers to the 7 Questions of Well-Being.


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