Veg 7 Personal Chef Services


Question: What is the biggest health challenge today?

Answer: Not enough time and money to be healthy!

Solution: A Personal Chef

Meals for the Week

The package includes 7 Vegetarian Meals

Each meal guaranteed to be between 200 – 300 calories–never more.

Sealed mason jars keep the freshness at its peak.

Prepared and cooked by a Personal Chef in your own home all at once filling your refrigerator with labeled meals for the week.

Each night a Personal Chef will HEAT – GARNISH – SERVE!


Veg 7 Personal Chef Services – 7 Nights



Or Save $100 when ordering for the month.


A Personal Chef is another solution we can offer your family.  One of our Personal Chefs will cook the 7 Meals for the week in your own kitchen. Your meals will be cooked, labeled and placed in your refrigerator to be ready for you to serve in under 5 minutes. Each dinner will be heated and served with your preferences and dietary restrictions by a Personal Chef.

Our personal chefs are passionate about getting families eating healthy meals together knowing that common meals promote family well-being.  We train them to duplicate this simple plan in your own home once a week and you can forget about meal planning, shopping, preparing or cooking. Each is already nutritionally balanced to make a complete plant protein meal. Serve on a bed of fresh spinach and all you have to do is HEAT - GARNISH - SERVE.

MEAT EATERS: Add a dab of sour cream, sprinkle some shredded cheese, or an entire serving of fish, chicken or lean beef.


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