Veg 7 Pizza Delivery

Build it Your Way!

  • Each person can top their own individual pizzas.
  • Vegans can use vegan cheese.
  • Pizza-lovers can use mozzarella cheese.
  • Vegans can use veggie meat crumbles.
  • Meat-eaters can add sausage and pepperoni!
  • Dieters can add veggies.
  • Gluten sensitive people can put their pizza toppings on a plate of rice noodles.
  • One Dinner Theme for everyone at the table.
  • Many versions of the same meal.

eating pizza

Pizza for 20 People


20 Individual size pizza crusts
Made from freshly ground whole grains by hand.

Homemade Marinara Sauce
Veggie Toppings: sliced onions, bell peppers, olives
Vegan mozzarella shreds.

Lemon water for a refreshing drink.

-You assemble your pizzas your way.

-You provide non-vegan toppings if desired.

-Bake an hour before you are ready to serve.


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