Vegan Chef – Level 2

Vegan Chef – Level 2

  • You will learn the basics of nutrition.
  • You will know how we cook for a Vegan Tasting Party.


  • This informative training will change your life forever!
  • You will see our entire Vegan Meal Plan in a quick and motivating presentation.
  • By the end of this simple training you will know how to proceed as a Vegan Chef.
1) Attend the preparation time for a Vegan Tasting Party.
2) Train online with videos and phone consultations.
Watch our Vegan Chefs prepare and cook 10 different “Vegan Core Dishes” for each person to sample including exotic vegan ethnic foods from India, Africa, Mexico, South America and Asia.

Learn how to combine and create complete plant protein.
Learn how to host a Vegan Tasting Party.
Very informative class and lots of fun!

• Watch a chef make 10 vegan dishes at once — then, enjoy the food!
• See the important role the host plays at a Vegan Tasting Party.
• “Lunch and Learn” and receive a certificate of completion
• Receive a digital cookbook with cooking videos.

One PotWatch it Cook!

We have a lot of fun as we show how the whole foods that we cook with double and triple in size and out grow the jar that it was cooked in.The Vegan Core Dishes are so simple that it doesn’t make a mess or take a long time to prepare them all at the same time.  Your party will be able to see exactly what we do and what goes into each meal.  All we need is a kitchen sized table and an electrical outlet. The rest is up to us. We will cook all 10 core dishes at the same time in one pot. As one is fully cooked we take it out and replace it with another jar.


One-Day Training

We simmer all of these meals in one pot at the same time.  This saves time, money and energy.  Then you will have a chance to taste a little of each meal to get a better understanding of what the Vegan Core Dishes can do for you and your family. You will see exactly how much food is included with the plan and what each dish tastes like. Then we serve it to those who have a reservation for the Vegan Tasting Party. When the party disperses, we clean up and finish up the training.


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