Vegan Cooking Club


Cook together…

At Work
At School
At Church
At the Neighborhood Clubhouse
Anywhere that is wired with electrical outlets and running water.


  • Each member of the club has their own Vegan Starter Kit.
  • Each will cook their own food with their own kit.
  • While the Vegan Core Dishes simmer slowly, enjoy the time together with group exercise and other wellness activities.
  • Ideal for the workplace where club members are together every day anyway.
  • Businesses, Churches or Service Clubs can form their own branch of Vegan Cooking Club.

Personal Benefits
of a Tasting Party:

  • You will have an exciting way to learn the Vegan Meal Plan.
  • You will enjoy the motivation and high-energy of working with an instructor and others who are going through the diet change with you.
  • You will have an light-hearted way to get your friends and loved ones on board with a healthy diet by inviting them to a Vegan Tasting Party.

Professional Benefits
of a Tasting Party:

  • You will have a thriving event to invite potential clients and customers to learn about the Vegan Core Dishes.
  • You will have an opportunity to earn extra income by being part of the team here at
  • You will have an opportunity to earn commissions by helping others with their purchases!
  • If you become certified, you have opportunity to earn income as a Vegan Chef.


Vegan Cooking Club is for those who want to learn about cooking with whole foods and how to make their Healthy Meals for the Week all at once in a fun environment.

-We buy commodities as a group, such as organic whole grains, beans, rice, corn, dehydrated vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, to create our own groceries from scratch.

-We use My Whole Foods Kitchen Cookbooks as our manuals.  Our children love these recipes and so will yours! The cookbook includes the recipes and food production instructions to process your own foods from scratch–and it’s not that hard!

-Advanced clubs might organize a cooking co-op that will divide the food productions tasks and swap and share what they produce.  If you are already great at making one of the recipes in the cookbook you can trade and swap for things that others bring to exchange.  One person might want to dive into making bread, others might want to make quart jars of chili to swap for the bread.  One person may have an excess of tomatoes from their garden to trade for the whole wheat blueberry muffins someone else brought.  Corn tortillas are always a big hit and can be traded in packets of 12 for other delicious whole foods.  There’s always something new and delightful to bring home to your family at a cooking exchange!

If you have a desire to organize a neighborhood Vegan Cooking Club we provide support as you embark on your healthy cooking adventure with your group. We put the word out in your local area through online advertising to your zip code. You put the word out through word of mouth.  This is a great way to assist people you care about towards a healthier diet in a light-hearted environment and at no cost to them until they really want to get on board.

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