Videos in Alphabetical Order

In Alphabetical Order

Animal Love

Animal Superpowers

Bnk to the Future, Simon Dixon

Barak Obama

Barbra Streisand on Heart Disease


Can Plants Talk?

Charles Eisenstein- A New Story

Child Vaccinations and Medications

Compassionate Communication

Conscious Comedy

Connected - The Brain

Credit Unions vs Banks

David R Hawkins, Power vs Force

Death of Money - Jim Rickards

Dirty Secrets of Well-Being

Doc Hendley, Wine to Water

Dr. Laura Koniver, Intuition Physician

Drugs for Children?

Education's Death Valley

Eckhart Tolle, Power of Now

Exercise Your Cells, David Hall

Fair Trade

Fast Food- Friend or Foe?

Fast Food- Supersize Me

Fibonacci, Fingerprint of God

Fred Kofman, Conscious Business

Free Energy

Future of Technology

Geoff Lawton, Permaculture

Honey Bees Disappearing

Gregg Braden, Divine Matrix

Indigo Children


Intelligent Design: Is there proof of a Creator?

Intentional Community Designs

Jamie Clark, Develop Spirituality

Lissa Rankin, MD - Shocking Truth About Health

Make Love Not Porn

Marianne Williamson

Marshall Rosenburg, Non-Violent Communication

Matt Wallenburg, Open Source

Monarch Awakening

Moneyless Man

MSG - Monosodium Glutamate

Papercrete Construction

Photographer Proves Love Exists

Pitfalls of Processed Foods

Rob Hopkins, Dependence on Fossil Fuel

Social Credit

Spirit Science

Spiritual Healer- Adam McLoed, MD

Sacred Geometry

Teré Foster, Utopian Society Today

Tai Lopez

Teré Foster, Healthy Diet

The Truth About Your Food

Thrive: What On Earth Will it Take?

Time Banks

Tobacco Addiction -  Green Smart Living

Tony Robbins

Van Jones, Restorative Justice System

Victory Gardens

V Sauce - Science

Zeitgeist, Jaque Fresco

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