A Duplicatable Model

An arcology brings the basic areas of concern under one roof.  Each arcology will start with about 100 experts to create a little self-sustaining system, through trial and error, that can then be duplicated anywhere in the world.  The arcology system will be small and decentralized to create an advanced human habitat with support for all areas of well-being at no charge to the people who live there.


"Build Nearby and Around the World"

The sense of Global Well-Being comes from being part of an effective solution to the world’s problems. Our small communities will never have to spend their precious time fundraising to end poverty because the community itself is the fundraising arm of all global projects.

Non-profit organizations can work together to make this part of the vision happen around the world. Our communities will build sister communities that they will support and nurture until they are fully functional and self-sustaining. In some parts of the world where war and starvation have depleted the population, this may take a generation or two.

Forming a network of co-ops within this small community and working closely with other well-established non-profit organizations, we will produce and disperse the items necessary to support health and well-being for each of our members. At this point, the members of the community will wholeheartedly work at no charge, because their needs will be provided at no charge, creating a closed loop system that has never been tried before.

Cooperative Duplication is the far-reaching goal for each arcology of well-being. This small community will aim to produce more than is required for its own abundant sustainability. Once the first portion is dispersed to meet the needs of the members of the arcology, the excess items will be exported to support the building of the next arcology in an impoverished area of the world.

Following the same design as the original human habitat, this sister community will soon become a manufacturing co-operative that will sustain itself and its members. The excess items that are manufactured in this sister community can then be sold or donated to support the local economy there or to perhaps build another self-sustaining human habitat nearby. In so doing, we who are described as the “grass roots” are empowered to solve extreme poverty without waiting for top down solutions.
Members of the construction team who have completed building the first community can be sent to build the next community location. As always, they will continue to receive their compensation package and return to their original community whenever they desire. The members of the community know this and have joined the community for this reason. This exciting environment will be the perfect way to integrate soldiers into a close-knit society, utilizing their skills and desire to serve in the most positive direction possible. It will fully utilize the skills of those with disabilities and special needs. It will seek to develop each individual to the highest level of well-being.

Arcologies of Well-Being

We propose a plan that will design and build the most advanced human habitat in the world with a decentralized co-op economy, sustainable infrastructure, self-contained food and utilities, a social structure that will create an environment of well-being for those who live there, and a built-in system for duplicating this model in the poorest places in the world.

Using the most current, cutting edge designs in the world an arcology of well-being will go beyond designs for environmental protection and efficiency, but also be designed for the well-being of those who live there through greater connection, meaningful roles, and self-governing systems of organization of projects, events and economic stability.

The vision for Arcologies of Well-Being is to design a system that supports all 7 Elements of Well-Being simultaneously. We asked ourselves, “How can we design an arcology that thrives on a higher economic value than ‘growth’?”  “How can we design a thriving arcology that supports all elements of human well-being?”  Let’s explore how the arcology layout and design can impact every level of well-being for everyone who lives there. Let’s discover how the design of one small, local arcology can impact global well-being for all.

Einstein said we can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. The hard works starts in our own hearts and minds. Then we can build something that will be an effective solution from a completely new level of thinking. Can we start building an arcology right now, and start living together in peace and harmony?  Probably not. We must take responsibility to build first “from the inside out,” going through the paradigm shift that will make it happen in our own hearts and minds.  Moving beyond Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we can identify the seven universal elements of well-being. We make our arcology plans and designs around these common human needs, making these the parameters of our decision-making as we design an arcology of well-being.

The Global Well-Being vision is to build Arcologies of Well-being, each with seven centers that support the elements of well-being. The members of the arcology will design, build, own and operate the arcology together.  Arc 777 is the name of our plan that provides the organizational structure, the support system, the action steps, the education and the legal structure to build an arcology in your local area.

The highly evolved leaders who get involved with Arc 777 will not need a supervisor because they will join a system of self-governance that supports well-being for all. They will learn the larger vision by taking the training at and participating in workshops that will give them a clear path that allows them to progress at their own pace.

Much like a church, this network of centers is run “by the people, for the people at no charge to the people.” The important difference is that the pastor, priest or bishop is not in charge of the assets that are contributed or distributed.  The assets are owned, operated and distributed by the people as well. It is a system of co-ops that provides a new social structure to develop a community of people who have well-being instead of money as their bottom line. This system relies on each individual becoming “the owner/producer” instead of “the employee/consumer.”  Each person produces something significant to contribute to the abundance of this budding community.  Each person is given the support to develop and evolve to the highest version of themselves.

This is an example of exciting, cutting-edge designs that blend in with the natural surroundings. This city plan in China expected to be completed in 2020, is designed to bring new life to a small corner of China’s polluted urban sprawl.

An arcology of well-being will go far beyond designs for environmental protection and efficiency, but also be designed for the personal well-being of those who live there through greater connection, meaningful roles, and self-governing systems of organization of projects, events and economic stability.

An example of designs that could be used.

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