Who should get involved in the think tank?

Anyone who has a sincere desire to contribute to Global Well-Being has a place in this organization.

Desire goes farther than aptitude tests or prior accomplishments when it comes to working together for the common good. That means there will be room for all kinds of people with every kind of skill and level of experience.  The last thing we ever want to hear is that you offered to help and we had nothing fulfilling for you to do.

With that said we will be looking for gifted and talented people with ideas, innovations and organizations that support each of the seven elements of well-being and together we will provide a support system for whatever you have in mind.

Conscious Leadership Collaboration
Conscious leaders will appreciate that we want them to have the exact same environment of freedom and autonomy that we want for ourselves, one that develops our fullest human potential. To create that environment, we need the structure of a common vision without imposed limitations or ideologies.  In this case, the structure is "global well-being" and anything that supports the pursuit of it will be welcome.  In contrast, anything that excludes or does harm to anyone or anything on any of the 7 levels of well-being will not be welcome. 

Not everyone is ready to step into their role at this moment, but those who are ready will be able to do so with ease on GlobalWell-Being.com if we have done our part of the vision correctly.  We are comfortable interacting with leaders and their followers because we have a deep-rooted peace knowing that we have been chosen for this role on the earth at this time in history and we are in no way competitors.  We want every leaders to have that same confidence and understanding of their own role on the earth and find their role in this vision. 

Divine Daily Direction
Our strength and confidence comes from a strong connection to the universe. Our leaders receive clear intuitive direction on a daily basis.  We call it "Divine Daily Direction" and we are committed to follow the direction we receive and we work well with people who respect the direction we receive and we respect the direction they receive.  We make the assumption and projection that other leaders will want what we want:
  • We must have the freedom to express the divine direction we receive in an undiluted, unhindered way and so must you.
  • We must have the freedom to think fast, move fast, take action fast when we are guided to do so, and also pause when we are guided to pause and so must you.
  • We must have confidence in the intuitive connection of the leaders who are working with us.
  • Leaders must take care to receive divine guidance and be committed to follow their guidance on a daily basis.
  • We want the freedom to manage our portion of the vision autonomously and we want leaders to manage their own vision separately and autonomously.
  • We trust the journey, mistakes included and work well with leaders who have the same level of trust.
Synergy and Cooperation
Somehow we will intersect and fit together like pieces of a puzzle or gadgets in an erector set.  Autonomous yet interdependent and connected.  Our fullest potential will be realized when the fully developed pieces are put together.  If a piece is not fully developed, it may need time to co-exist along side the vision until it is ready and able to take a role in the big picture.
A leader can tell when his or her vision is ready to be added to the larger vision:
  • when they have expressed their vision in its entirety in a concrete way that others can understand.
  • when they can answer yes to all 7 questions of the well-being mission.
  • when they know exactly how, when and where they fit into the GlobalWell-Being.com vision.
  • when there is no hesitation or reservation to join in.


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