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1) Sign up for our weekly webinar,
$10 a week .




2) Receive an email immediately with the details how to join in the webinar each week and each week following you will receive the details for the next webinar.

3) Invite an unlimited number of family and friends to join you at your computer so we can meet each other face to face!


Healthy Cooking Projects: Each week we will learn something new and exciting about one of the Seven Projects and get the assignment to complete before the next webinar.

Healthy Potluck: This workshop works well with a potluck. Each one will add something healthy to the meal. Set the time for your gathering at 6pm and eat first while it’s hot! Then at 7 pm log into our workshop and join us!



Complete our seven workshops and become a representative for MyWholeFoodsKitchen.com!

Step 1- Watch the awareness videos.

Step 2- Order the set of seven digital cookbooks, videos and online workshop.

Step 3- Get familiar with the cookbooks and watch the videos.

Step 4- Enjoy an online skype workshop with Tere Foster

Step 5- Set up My Whole Foods Kitchen Baker’s Rack in your own home.

Step 6- Organize a Heart Healthy Potluck in your own home weekly or monthly.

Step 7- Earn commissions for all cookbook sales resulting from your efforts.


Gather: Did you know that healthy lifestyle gatherings with like-minded people can reduce stress, elevate endorphins and prevent heart disease through better nutrition? We urge anyone who seeks a healthy lifestyle to organize a monthly gathering to join our Healthy Lifestyle Workshops to educate and encourage others towards a healthy lifestyle. Invite your friends to an online workshop to challenge each other to a healthy lifestyle.

Build: There’s no better place than a potluck to build a community of like-minded people. We will try experiments in healthy cooking throughout the year with timely topics for each holiday. Gathering with friends, family, co-workers or church friends all contributing dishes of healthy foods is a special way to celebrate and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Share: Advanced groups may even bring healthy foods to exchange. Bake enough cookies to bag up for each member of the group. In exchange they bring something for you, like homemade yogurt or a loaf of sprouted multi-grain bread! These are a few of the many foods we will learn to make in this Healthy Lifestyle Workshop.

Instructor: Teré Foster, founder of 3DHealth.Net and MyWholeFoodsKitchen.com, loves to share her enthusiasm through online workshops. This is a very direct way to get to know Teré and for her to get to know you and those in your gathering!




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