Weight Loss Tonics



This citrus fruit is well known for its cleansing properties. When taken in the morning, lemon will boost your metabolism and kick start your digestive system. It has a high mineral content and multiple vitamins like Vitamin C and folate which help balance your pH and nourish your body.

Raw Honey

There’s several immune boosting benefits to raw honey, and a good immune system start in the gut. Raw honey has enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that will nourish the body as you detox.


One of the most well-known digestive aids, it’s also anti-almost everything, which will give your body a strong health boost. Raw ginger made into a tea is the best thing to take when you have digestive trouble. In this case, powdered ginger works best to mix with your other ingredients.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a wonder liquid. I could write a lot about ACV and the multiple ways it can improve your life! For the benefits of your digestive system and beyond, ACV naturally balances your body’s pH and blood sugar. It is has many enzymes and acts as a probiotic improving gut health. It also aids in detoxing the liver and lymphatic system. I like to add it to tomato juice, use it in salad dressings or any other recipe that calls for vinegar.


Nutritional Yeast

High in B12 other B vitamins, low in fat and sodium, free of sugar and gluten, contains iron and is a “complete protein”.  I like to add it to tomato juice along with apple cider vinegar and liquid minerals for a daily tonic that replaces a meal.

Liquid Minerals

Mineral deficiencies in the system are linked to the health conditions including low immunity and resistance, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, mental diseases, nervousness, depression, anxiety, learning disability, anorexia, insomnia, fatigue and exhaustion, headaches, anemia–even skin and hair problems. Certain medications are also responsible for depleting the minerals from the system including drugs for cancer, laxatives, antacids, diuretics and antibiotics. Minerals in a tablet form are slow to dissolve and may not reach the cells of the body before they are flushed down the toilet. Liquid minerals are easily absorbed and used by the body to replenish your cells when they have been depleted.  I like to squeeze an eye-dropper full of liquid minerals in my tomato juice along with a shot of apple cider vinegar and a little bit of brewers yeast.

Cayenne Pepper

Among many things, this spice is great for your stomach. It is found to be a natural fat burner, and to be anti-inflammatory. Both of those aspects are helpful in detoxing the body. It is useful as in first aid as well as flavorful in cooking. Add a little in every dish that could use a little “spice”, but be careful, this stuff is HOT!

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