-Well-Being Study


 Join the Well-Being Workshop:

1) Take the free survey.

The 7 Elements of Well-Being survey will help assess your present level of well-being.

2) Receive a free workbook.

We will email you the free workbook used in the workshop.

3) Ten free sessions

The Well-Being Workshop is a live webinar for
10 sessions on Sunday afternoons at 4pm CST
free to members of the Online Think Tank.

4) Take a post-survey.

Take the same free survey again. We hope to see measurable improvements in your overall well-being! At the end of ten sessions you will receive a certificate of completion.

Live webinar on Sunday afternoons at 4pm CST / 2pm PST / 5pm EST

Join the Well-Being Workshop on Sunday Afternoons at 4 pm central

The Well-Being Workshop teaches the 7 Elements of Well-Being. Each element must be considered when creating an environment of well-being. Since these elements are common to all people no matter their unique circumstances, we can formulate a plan that will assist any group in their goal of creating an environment of well-being.

Over the course of eight sessions with a Well-Being Consultant, workshop participants will learn how to gain well-being as well as how to offer well-being to others. They will be taught how to create an environment of well-being in their homes, their schools, or their workplaces. The data we collect from the study will help us improve the details of our workshop.

To join the workshop, follow the steps below.

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