Wellness Consulting

We assist you to establish healthy eating habits and and in meeting your weight and nutritional goals naturally.

coaching8 sessions for $200


Wellness Consulting – We work closely with you until you complete your assignments and receive your certification.  Earn extra income if you choose to work as a Wellness Consultant for MyWholeFoodsKitchen.com.  We will walk through the training in 8 sessions. The first is an overview and the next seven are assignments to compete.  We will not progress to the next assignment until each is completed. Sessions are usually between 20-30 minutes. It can take eight days, eight weeks or eight months.  It’s up to you and how fast you are able to complete each assignment.

Assignment 1 – Purchase your  Vegan Starter Kit.

Essential items for getting started.  A water bath pot, canning tools, a portable burner and a kit to make the Vegan Core Dishes. The foods in the kit including rice, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and dried vegetables, store well for long periods of time .  We buy whole foods in bulk because these have not been processed or stripped of their nutritional value. The Vegan Starter Kit is focused on the dinner menu, but also can be used for lunches.

Assignment 2 – Complete the 8 Sessions

By the time you complete all 8 sessions you will understand the seven steps of the Healthy Meal Plan and will be able to serve vegan meals in seven different dinner themes.  You will have your weight loss goals defined and create a plan how to reach those goals naturally.

Assignment 3 – Successfully make all of the Vegan Core Dishes at the same time. 

Once you have these meals cooked and labeled in your refrigerator, for the rest of the week you are ready to serve meals with no preparation time at all!  Proof of completion is a photo of you with  your batch of Vegan Core Dishes, labeled.



Upon completion you will be awarded with the official MyWholeFoodsKitchen.com Heart Apron

(choose male or female style)

Our program will train you to assist others in their efforts to:

-Elevate their energy by changes in diet.

-Lose weight naturally.

-Stay within their existing food budget.

We all need help at various times of our lives to overcome hurdles and conquer challenges. You and your clients may have to re-learn much of what has been taught to you about eating, cooking and shopping.  This Certification may be the answer to reaching your personal as well as professional goals and for staying with a long-term lifestyle changes.


A Healthy Hhealthy hearteart

It takes time and commitment to turn things around. However the measurable results of health and well-being you will achieve goes far beyond the weight you will lose.  You will also gain energy, vitality and get rid of that heavy, depression that comes with an unhealthy heart.

Your heart is so much more than a pump that moves your blood. The heart also manages all the feelings and intuition that creates spiritual connection with other hearts and helps us find our way through otherwise impossible challenges by connecting to the voice inside.  Our coaches can help you accomplish that connection. You can’t afford to wait.  Get started today!  The money you save on your food bill will more than cover the cost of your coach.


Be a Wellness Consultant


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