Wheat and Gluten Allergies

Healthy Breads CookbookDo you really have wheat and gluten allergies or are you allergic to the denatured white flour products the manufacturer has produced?

When wheat has been genetically modified, processed, stripped of its nutrients, bleached, ground into flour and baked into high-calorie products high in sugar and salt, low in natural fiber and nutritional value, the products that result no longer have any of the life-giving properties of the “staff of life” that wheat originally had.



Gluten is the sticky substance found in wheat that makes dough stretch when it is kneaded.  Gluten-free grains such as quinoa, barley or oats are not sticky enough to rise tall and make a soft, porous loaf of bread.

To make bread that rises well you must use at least 60% wheat flour.  The other 40% can be gluten-free whole grains.  When wheat is sprouted it loses much of its gluten as it becomes a vegetable instead of a dormant grain. This flour will not rise as well as whole wheat flour.  To keep the necessary “sticky ratio you must have 60% of the flour in a batch of bread whole wheat flour with all the gluten intact. Less than 60% will produce a dense, heavy loaf of bread without the holes that make it light and airy.


Wheat and Gluten Allergies

Seven Signs of Gluten Sensitivity
Celiac disease has hundreds of recognized symptoms, according to the Celiac Sprue Association, a nonprofit for those with the disease. Here are some common problems:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Anemia
  • Fatigue
  • Infertility
  • Chronic diarrhea or constipation
  • Abdominal pain and bloating

If you have any of the symptoms on the list above without the first two, “unexplained weight loss” and “anemia”, chances are you have a diet-related digestion problem that can be solved by a better diet.  The first step is to clean out your kitchen of all products made from white flour.  Not because they contain gluten but because they provide no nutrition, contain too many carbohydrates, slow down your digestion and tax your bodily systems.

Wheat has been the staff of life for many cultures for thousands of years.  Over decades of testing, wheat grass juice is known to be a miraculous cure for everything from gang green to cancer.  What changed? Why do wheat products cause illness and disease now when they never did before?  Could it be that the stripping and denaturing of the grains that takes place during processing that produces food products that harm the body?  Is it the wheat or the method of processing that is causing the gluten sensitivity?

The health industry will often encourage a trend in order to market their products such as “Gluten Free” crackers or bread.  Let’s be sure it is the gluten that is causing your symptoms before making the leap to a gluten free diet. You may feel much better on a “gluten free” diet simply because you have cut out white flour products. This doesn’t prove that gluten was the culprit, but white flour was the source of all your diet-related symptoms. Candida is more likely the cause of your symptoms and by cutting out white flour products you starved the candida bacteria of its craving for carbohydrates.  No wonder you feel better!


Healing Power of Wheat and Wheat Grass Juice

Healing power is hidden in the wheat berry. All the potential to create life is packed into every seed. It remains dormant and waits until it is touched with pure, life-producing water. It then bursts with living, edible, miraculous regeneration. Many people have been given back their precious gift of health through the healing power of wheat in its purest form, sprouted wheat and wheat grass, while millions have conversely been robbed of health by the inferior products created from the dormant seed, bleached and stripped of all nutritional value.

Wheat, 10 to 14 days after planting, produces a tender grass that contains the entire range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients that the human body requires. The juice from this grass might well be our source of survival during food shortages and difficult times if we have a store of wheat. According to scripture, eating the grain of wheat (the “staff of life”) will also cause us to have better understanding about the complex and confusing things going on around us. It will also help us to see the snares and the traps set for us by “conspiring men in the latter days.” One of the biggest snares ever perpetrated against mankind is the readily accepted practice of taking the “staff of life” provided by Mother Earth and turning it into “the source of death and disease” provided by the manufacturer. We accept this manufacturing “tradition” and knowingly participate in it by buying the products they produce.

As we nourish our cells with the highest forms of nutrition available to us, the capacity of our bodies, minds and spirits produce the greatest possible fruit. Do we have a right to do any less than the highest and best with the gift of life that has been given to us? Wheat grass juice can be applied to eyes, ears, and nose and brings natural healing benefits to all possible ailments. If you are ever without other herbs, essential oils, or other healing remedies, wheat berries make up a complete first aid kit that Mother Earth has given us. You can even use the wheat grass pulp to help heal external wounds, blemishes, rashes, and bruises.

Non-GMO, organic, whole wheat kernels can be sprouted and then dried again to grind into flour that not only will not cause allergic reactions but will cause health and healing.  With sprouted whole wheat flour you can produce a variety of foods including breads, cookies, pizza, and desserts.  The texture will be denser than the twinkies and ho hos you might be used to, but that is because these products will be packed with natural fiber, nutrition, and life-giving substances not found anywhere else on earth. Until you buy wheat in its original form, sprout it overnight in a little water, and eat one or two of the little sprouted kernals, you will never know if it is truely “wheat” or “gluten” you are allergic to or the products the manufactures provide at the grocery store.


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