Who Needs Arc7?

Are you on this list?

  • Children 8 to 15
  • Young Adults 16 to 30
  • Parents
  • Seniors
  • Veterans
  • Disabled
  • Incarcerated
  • Business Owners
  • Healers
  • Educators
  • Artists
  • Researchers
  • Inventors
  • Food Specialists
  • Environmentalists
  • Health Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Philanthropists

Children 8 to 15 are welcome to take the certification FREE!  We try to make it like a game by awarding points for doing their assignments.  Each child must have their own account using their own email address.  We hope to teach children a new global awareness early in life.  Kids are the future!


Young adults 16 to 30 are welcome to take the certification FREE!  We plan to empower young people to make good choices that develop their highest life purpose and their greatest achievement.  We hope to find each young person a role to play on one of the 7 teams.  These are the heroes who will help build Arc 7 nearby and around the world.

Parents are also welcome to pay for their certification with points.  We want to empower everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from.  We hope to even out the playing field by making the certification available to whoever is willing to do the assignments.  We believe taking this certification will interrupt the cycle of domestic violence and child abuse, by teaching compassion training and by redirecting your energies to amazingly positive projects.

Seniors are welcome to take the certification using points.  There is a wealth of wisdom, experience, and knowledge seniors are able to offer Arc 7, and in return Arc 7 provides meaning and purpose for the latter years of life.

Veterans are welcome to pay with points. We hope to empower every returning warrior with a new and very constructive way to make the world a better place.  We hope to restore their new lives with the honor they deserve.

Disabled people of all types are welcome to take the certification using points.  We plan to empower people of the entire spectrum of abilities.  If a person is able to take the online course, they are also able to do many jobs that would support the building of Arc 7.

Incarcerated people can take the certification from where they are.  For some, Arc 7 may be the perfect way to reintegrate into society in a meaningful way, online first, then in person.

Healers and health practitioners are welcome to take the certification using points.  We need all the healers we can get.  As we reach out to people in need, more often than not they will have medical needs to attend to.  We welcome all healing modalities.

Educators are welcome to take the certification using points.  From the beginning to the end of the Arc 7 plan, each person will require education.  We will always need educators to learn the plan and then teach it to others.  Each member will have educational needs as well as life coaching needs as they develop their life purpose and find their place on an Arc 7 Team.

Business owners are welcome to take the certification for free.  We value what you bring to the table in experience and expertise and hope to find ways to fully integrate your business into the Arc 7 plan whenever possible to do so.

Artists are welcome to get certified using their points.  We encourage all types of artistry to be infused into the architecture, the interior design, and the lifestyle of the Arc.

Researchers are invited to take the certification for free.  We support any research that supports the 7 elements of well-being.

Inventors and innovators are encouraged to get certified using their points.  We need cutting edge inventions for every aspect of the planning, designing and building of Arc 7.

Food Specialists are welcome to free certification. From growing vegetables, raising animals, cooking meals, or producing food products, we need all the food specialists we can get.  We will be feeding the hungry as well as feeding the members of the arc.

Donors are sincerely asked to participate in the certification by paying for the course.  This makes it possible for us to offer the course at no cost to those who would not be able to afford it.  If you are able, please consider supporting our cause by paying for the course with money.  To donate in other ways click on the "Donate" button in the main menu.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Certification gives you a new paradigm from which to view your life.
  • Empowers you to be part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Allows you to join the think tank.
  • Allows you to join one of the 7 teams.
  • Allows you to be part of the team projects.
  • Equips you to be an Arc 7 Consultant.

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