Whole Grains and Breads


Experts recommend 300 lbs. of grain per adult for a one-year supply. Sixteen buckets of grain add up to 300 pounds. I chose to store 10 buckets of wheat plus one bucket of each of the grains listed.


Our wheat bread recipe calls for 10 cups of whole wheat flour. Ten cups of whole grain grinds to make a little more than 10 cups of flour.  The extra can be useful when shaping and kneading the bread.

10 cups of grain per bread recipe = Makes 3 loaves.

1 recipe of bread per week = 52 recipes a year = 520 cups

520 divided by 16 cups per gallon = 32 gallons of grain

32 gallons divided by 4-gallon buckets = 8 buckets a year

1 recipe a week = 8 buckets a year

2 recipes a week = 16 buckets a year

3 recipes a week = 24 buckets a year

Calculating Wheat in #10 Cans

If you have already purchased wheat in #10 cans, these calculations can still help. One #10 can holds 12 cups of wheat. Measure out two cups of wheat before you start grinding. In this way you can plan to use a #10 can per bread recipe. The two cups can be stored each time you make a bread to use later.

1 recipe of bread per week = 52 cans a year.

52 cans divided by 6 to a case = 8 cases a year.

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