ARC7 Wish List

Global Construction Team

We are raising funds for large ticket items for global building projects.

We wish for a team with engineering and construction experience to travel to each building site as needed. They will plan, design, excavate and build ARC7 Apartments.

We will need:

1- Well Drilling Equipment – $25k

Water is the first consideration when elevating a new location to match the wealth of the rest of the world. This is a one-time investment that will save lives and improve their lifestyle. Running water and plumbing will be built into the ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex.

2- 3D Printing Construction Equipment – $200K

We plan to build ARC7 Apartment Resource Complexes in developing countries around the world. To do this we will need 3D Printing equipment that can easily be moved from location to location. We plan to used the soil from the building site to print our buildings. The original investment will be costly, but the cost of building will be very low.

Until now, a tool didn’t exist that would allow builders to produce affordable housing and still be profitable. Governments could assist by offering free or affordable land, but the building costs were still cost prohibitive. With this one-time investment we can build apartments for thousands of people in communities where home ownership is out of reach.

3- Transportation Trucks – $60k

We will need large trucks to transport the equipment from site to site.

4 – School Bus – $25k

To transport our teams from one village to the next, we will need a school bus to hold us all. This will also be good for taking our school children on field trips.

5- Excavation Equipment – $65k

To prepare the site for building we will need excavation equipment. This equipment can be used again and again for all of our construction projects and gold mining projects.

6- Gold Mining Equipment – $100k

In Africa, the land is rich with gold and diamonds, while the land owners remain the poorest in the world. Having nothing but shovels and buckets to find and gather these natural resources, they can only recover small amounts at a time. Too often rich countries buy the land and strip it of these resources without improving quality of life for the indigenous to whom the riches belong. This one-time investment of mining equipment could bring great wealth to the people of Africa.

ARC7 Equipment Needs One-Time Purchases 
Multiple Site Usage
Well Drilling Equipment $                  25,000.00
3D Printer Equipment $                200,000.00
Transportation Trucks $                  60,000.00
School Bus $                  60,000.00
Excavation Equipment $                  65,000.00
Gold Mining Equipment $                100,000.00
$                450,000.00

Apartment Resource Complexes

For each complex we build, we will need to invest in the infrastructure that is missing in undeveloped countries.

1- Renewable Energy – $100K

A renewable source of power will be built into the ARC7 complex making heating and cooling possible. This will not only improve quality of life for those who live there but will also prevent illness and disease by creating a climate controlled environment.

2- Cell Tower Equipment – $50K

In remote and rural areas of the undeveloped world having access to internet and phone means the difference between life and death, developed and undeveloped, connected and not yet connected to the rest of the world. Educational technology will be included in every complex, such as laptops, tablets, and phones. Internet and cell phone access will be built into the ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex to provide connection for everyone who lives there as well as the surrounding community.

3- Food Production Equipment – $100K

Indoor farming can make it possible to grow food year-round in climates that are challenging to cultivate. With indoor farming built into the ARC7 complex, we can ensure an abundance of food for the people who live there. Aquaponic fish hatcheries can provide protein and green vegetables to improve nutrition.

4- Food Storage Equipment – $100K

Freezers, refrigerators, and dehydrators can prevent food poisoning from salmonella, e. Coli or botulism. We will need to provide freezers and refrigerators for every complex.

ARC7 Equipment Needs
Each SitePurchase with Each Apartment Complex
Renewable Energy – Best Innovations $                100,000.00
Cell Tower Equipment – Best Innovations $                  50,000.00
Food Production Equipment – Best Innovation $                100,000.00
Aquaponics, Fish Hatchery, Indoor Vertical Farming $                100,000.00
Food Storage Equipment – Canning/Freezing/Dehydrating  $                350,000.00


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